Should Cambodia establish a collective management organization?

Lim, Y.
February 2012


The Kingdom of Cambodia has undergone a civil war for over two decades. So the infrastructures of this country were damaged. Economy, education, human resources and also the legislation was damaged. Fortunately, after Cambodia has free and fair election supported by the United Nation Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) in 1993, the National Assembly and the Government of Cambodia have gradually tried to draft, adopted and promulgated some laws for the sake of Cambodia development and rehabilitation.

In September 2008, the government established NCIPR1 for coordinating IP policy.2 Copyright and related rights is under the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts.

Today more and more countries are adopting the CMOs system and the expansion and consolidation of CMOs is taking place at a rapid speed. The WIPO had set up a separate division of collective management organization in the year 1999.3 Furthermore most of CMOs was found in ASEAN countries, Cambodia is a member of ASEAN but has not yet a CMOs. So more questions were raised why in the world are taking account on it?4 What’s the important role of CMOs? How does it work? Why Should Cambodia establish a CMOs? That’s why the important topic that I mentioned.