Limitations to broadcast retransmission rights: access to audio-visual content and policy options for small developing states

Khan, B.
February 2012

“The broadcast media is among the many sectors at the core of the copyright economy. In a world increasingly characterised by transient geographical borders, cultural integration, and technological development, the ubiquity of the broadcast media plays a crucial social and economic role. Analysis of cultural exports of goods and services suggests that in the audio-visual sector, the US maintains a dominant position as the leading global exporter, and hence a strong cultural hegemony. As such, demand for US-based content is high in all parts of the world, especially in developing countries that paradoxically have strong cultural institutions, but weak content production sectors.

This paper aims to use this backdrop to discuss broadcasting and access to audio-visual content from a policy and legal perspective, under the international framework for Intellectual Property Rights. In particular, this paper aims to spark a dialogue on the issue of access to audio-visual content in the broadcasting sectors of developing countries, through broadcasting retransmission.”