Copyright vs. fan-made derivative works: unresolvable conflict or unavoidable impulse for reform of the present copyright system

Busnello, F. | Romanenko, O.
February 2012


“For every day we stand entrenched in the legacy models of the past we are denying the opportunity of the future”
– Brian Fitzgerald

“The way in which culture is represented, reproduced and communicated to the world has vastly changed. We live in an era where any person of any age can email, blog, podcast, make entries in Wikipedia or upload a home-crafted or user-generated video to YouTube in the blink of an eye to a world-wide audience of hundreds of millions of people. This is driven by an incredible capacity to search the World Wide Web through search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Baidu. Creativity and sharing have taken on incredible new dimensions.” “The Internet has enabled what scholar Lawrence Lessig calls a “read/write” culture where ordinary Internet users are empowered to become active creators of culture rather than mere passive consumers.”