The protection of well-known marks and marks with reputation in Turkey and EU: Is total harmonization possible and desirable?

Altop, Ö. | Özdemir, K.
February 2012


As known, trademarks play a significant role in establishing a bound between the consumer and the producer. Besides, all trademarks are born equal but some become more equal than the others.[1] Yet, for every producer, her products[2] have a high quality or create a very positive image in the minds of the consumers. Unfortunately this is not the case. Mere thinking is not enough to create a quality image, one should enjoy some difference to create a long lasting positive image in the minds of the public. Creating this image is troublesome; it may take a long time and may be costly. Every trademark owner may not have enough resource for these efforts or may not be so patient to wait for the creation of this image. That’s why only few can succeed to make a difference among others and we see that well-known marks are almost less than 1% percent of the all trademarks registered/used all around the world.[3]