Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs): Looking at the implementation of the concept in some of the countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to be practical guidelines

Abu-Gunmi, M.
February 2012


After a quick description of the current situation of technology transfer2 in Jordan (B), this paper starts with shedding the light on nine different angles related to technology transfer offices’ (TTOs) establishment to have a clear understanding of the subject matter of the paper (C). Then it continues with three case studies; USA, France and Denmark, to have a look on their recent laws that opened the door for establishing TTOs in these three countries (D). After that it studies statistically the successful practical example of Spain in creating TTOs in its public funded research organizations (PFRO)3 (E). The conclusion part of the paper (F) is written in the form of both legal suggested articles and legal points and suggestions to add/amend The University of Jordan scientific research legislation in the aim of establishing its own TTO to be the first university in Jordan to have such an office.