(Turin, Italy) As presented at the Turin-WIPO LLM Intellectual Property Senior Day on 20 October 2014, the IP Masters Group is inviting new qualified members. We want to grow our international community of like-minded intellectual property law researchers.

Currently there are 30 members from three different LLM IP Turin-WIPO editions with 20 research papers published or linked. The IP Masters Group (http://ip-masters.com) is an open, easy, free, voluntary platform for making IP law research papers available to the wider world. The platform can accommodate all types of licensing and the author of each research paper can choose to host full text locally or link to an external location.

Formal research publications are always welcome, but there are also other ways to contribute such as announcements, events, commentary, peer-editing, proposal for research collaboration, and linking to relevant external resources.

Become a part of an exciting network and get connected to other IP academics and practitioners in various areas of specialities. To express your interest or for more information, contact IP Masters.