The IP Masters Group is expanding.

The main purpose of IP Masters is two-fold: serving as an open channel of publication for wider exposure and discoverability of intellectual property law-related research work; and establishing a platform that enables research collaboration among IP practitioners of mixed disciplines and nationalities.

Steadily growing with this vision, we are pleased to extend our invitation to the wider LL.M. IP Turin-WIPO programme. IP Masters is now a publishing channel available to the participants of all past and future LL.M. IP Turin-WIPO editions. We are excited to see more IP professionals come on board and promote high-quality IP law research.

About IP Masters

The IP Masters Group ( is an international intellectual property law research network for collaborative publishing. IP Masters was founded in 2012 by the participating alumni members of LL.M. Intellectual Property Turin-WIPO, a Master programme jointly administered by The University of Turin Law School, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the International Labour Organization.