Most of the publications made available at the launch of the IP Masters Group are research papers produced and released in February 2012 by participating alumni of the 10th Edition of The University of Turin Law School & World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy Master of Laws in Intellectual Property (LL.M. IP) programme. These research papers are divided into three main areas of intellectual property law: copyright and related rights; patents; and trademarks including geographical indications.

Independent and voluntary

While the publications produced under the LL.M. IP Turin-WIPO programme are affiliated with The University of Turin Law School and WIPO Academy, the IP Masters Group itself is an independent network where qualified intellectual property professionals participate and contribute, most notably by making their publications available, strictly on a voluntary basis. It is expected that in the future the members of IP Masters will release new publications produced either independently or in collaboration with other researchers, often under the credentials of a third-party organisation. This, consequently, brings up the question of licensing of works.

All for works

Each of the publications found on the IP Masters website is made available under one of the two broad categories of licensing: open and proprietary.

  • An “open” publication is released when the author or authors make their work available under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Licence or a variation of it, and are able to publish it to any academic or industrial media. As a result, the full text of the work is downloadable directly from the IP Masters website.
  • A “proprietary” publication, on the other hand, is released under specific licensing terms between the author(s) of the work and another entity such as an academic institution or a journal. There may be restrictions as to where the publication can be made available. Should the terms of a particular licence bind a work to only one authoritative source, the IP Masters website will not host the full text of it, but instead provide a link to a location where further information about the publication can be found.
Works for all

As such, the members of the IP Masters Group can announce the availability of their publications here on this website whenever they are able to, regardless of the specific licensing terms applied to their works. One of the main objectives of IP Masters is to foster independent publishing of high-standard research work on intellectual property law and issues, where the IP Masters Group website itself can act as a channel of independent publishing and online distribution.