It began with a simple idea of collecting our research papers in one place and opening them up to the public. With more than half of the LL.M. Intellectual Property Turin-WIPO 10th Edition colleagues participating as inaugural members (more expected as we go) and the support of the Programme Director Professor Marco Ricolfi and Assistant Director Professor Giancarlo F. Frosio, the online presence of “IP Masters” is finally live.

But what you see today is only the beginning. What we plan to do is much more than making the past research papers available online. As a network of professionals practising IP law or specialising in the IP aspects of one’s field of profession, we expect IP Masters to be a forum that enables ongoing research collaboration, sharing of news, events, thoughts, and opinions, as well as a knowledge base contributing to the study of intellectual property law as a whole.

So thank you, colleagues, and once again, congratulations on the great achievement we all worked hard for. Let’s hear from you and see you soon – online!