The IP Masters Group (“IP Masters”) is an international intellectual property law research network for collaborative publishing. IP Masters was founded in 2012 by the participating alumni members of LL.M. Intellectual Property Turin-WIPO, a Master programme jointly administered by The University of Turin Law School, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the International Labour Organization.

International intellectual property law research

We come from vastly different professional backgrounds but are equally passionate about intellectual property (IP) law and their impact on the economy, sciences, technology, and everyday life. We went on a journey into emerging inter-disciplinary bodies of knowledge, where truths lack authority, principles are constantly challenged, and many of the seemingly critically fundamental postulates remain yet-to-be-explored and unchallenged. It all adds up to a profoundly exciting area of specialisation within our various fields of profession, legal or otherwise.

Independent publishing

While having its roots in The University of Turin Master of Laws in Intellectual Property programme, the IP Masters Group is an independent international research network of intellectual property practitioners. We are able to collaborate with other practitioners who have produced publications in IP disciplines.

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